The ultimate guide to Pre-op instructions for a successful surgery

Today is before surgery; we will do some things to prepare for it.

The first thing is to wash your body with antibacterial soap. Chlorhexidine is available in any pharmacy. Please do this because it will increase bacterial count, preventing some infections. I would like your diet to be low in fiber and residues to decrease the amount of stool within your intestine for your surgery. This is important because during and after surgery, your gut will slow down, especially with narcotic medications. You will feel toxic if you have a lot of stool within the intestine. We want to optimize the intestine in preparation for your surgery.
The day before surgery.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight. That is going to prepare your stomach for your anesthesia. If you have a full stomach, anesthesia will relax the sphincters, and you might have a Bronchoaspiration or aspiration of this food into your lungs—very bad condition. Please, follow the instructions.

Medication wise.

I want you to take a Tylenol here, 500 or 650 milligrams, two hours before your surgery with a small sip of water.

The day before surgery, I will allow you to start taking Tylenol 500 or 650 milligrams. Every six hours, it starts the day before, every six hours.

A good schedule is 6, 12, 6, and 12.

The purpose of this treatment is to try to prime your body toward the pain that you’re going to undergo.

On the day of surgery, at four o’clock in the morning, you will take your usual medications, especially those related to Hypertension.

If you have diabetes, you’ll hold into your medication because we don’t want your sugar to go too low.

Finally, you will take that Tylenol that will help us control pain during and after surgery.

After surgery, you will have a garment, usually a faja, and the drains will remove the fluid within the tissues.

How does the pain feel after a liposuction?

It feels like a burning sensation, and it’s due to the friction of the cannula within the tissues that will create that burning sensation.

Another pain that people describe is the pain of trauma or being punched. It’s like that soreness when you lightly touch your tissues.

Some other people complain of a burning sensation in the muscle because sometimes the cannula gets very close to the muscle, and it feels like you are working out.

The level of pain varies between people, usually between five to seven. This is usually well controlled with our pain medications for your recovery.

How is the pain management after this procedure? We like to use minimal doses of multiple medications:

  • Ibuprofen 400 milligrams every six hours. A good schedule: 6, 12, 6, and 12.
  • Tylenol 500 milligrams. You will use it every six hours, but the schedule will be 3, 9, 3, 9, basically every three hours.
You are alternating one and the other, the Ibuprofen and the Tylenol.

You’re going to have access to a narcotic, usually oxycodone. You can take this one hour after the Tylenol or the Ibuprofen if either of these medications is not controlling the pain.

What can I eat after my surgery?

Usually, I recommend eating light things, soups, or tea. Remember, you’re going to feel a little bit nauseous because of anesthesia. The boy is going to be asking you what you need. Sometimes a bit of sugar and protein, but you must listen to it and provide it when you feel it’s right.

What are some of the duties after surgery?

You will be released from the surgery center on the same day of surgery. Usually, it takes between 40 minutes to an hour to recover from surgery. Then you’re going to go home. You must walk the same day after surgery, obviously with some help. Very important to prevent clots in your legs. Follow-up after your surgery will happen the next day to ensure everything is going in the right direction.

Now let’s talk about frequent questions related to liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

How much time do I need to take off after liposuction?
It depends on what work you do. If you do something physical, it will take between four to six weeks. However, if you do something more intellectual or at this job, it can be between one to two weeks. It also depends on how tough you are.

What physical activity can I do after my liposuction?
You need to walk immediately.
  • First, to the third week, you can only lift five pounds;
  • Between the third to the sixth weeks, up to 10 pounds;
  • Finally, after six weeks, you can go back to normal.

If you undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift or transfer fat to your bottom, you cannot exercise for three months because you need this fat to record the blood supply and oxygen to survive.

What can you not do after a Brazilian Butt Lift for three months?

  1. Number one, you can not exercise. We need to let this fat survive and record the blood supply.
  2. Number two, you can not smoke. Smoking decreases the oxygen to tissues, harming the cells trying to survive after being transferred.
  3. Number three, you can not sit because you can decrease the blood flow to tissues and deform what we worked hard to give you.

When can I shower?

Usually between three to five days. Depending on if you feel up to it. In the meantime, please, take a sponge bath to decrease your life’s odors.

How can we avoid infection after a procedure?

  1. Number one, use your antibacterial soap, which will decrease the bacterial count in your skin, decreasing the source of infection.
  2. Number two, put peroxide in the entrance point of the drains. That is going to decrease the bacteria count at this point.
  3. Number three, use a clean cloth whenever you drain out. Refrain from using something that you put to dry. This reusing may carry some bacteria that might contaminate the tissues. Please don’t do this.
  4. Finally, use something other than a washing cloth. Usually, people put this washing cloth to dry, and that collects bacteria. You are self-infecting yourself. If you use these devices, simply wash your hands and wounds with clean hands.
When can I drive again after a procedure?

Usually within one to two weeks. When you are not taking any narcotics, if not, you’re going to be DUI (Drive under the influence).

Now, look at some results of a patient undergoing different liposuction procedures:
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